FlexRadio PowerSDR™ 1.x Console Setups and  Configurations

The worlds most feature rich, open source software defined radio operating console!
 One of the great things about FlexRadio PowerSDR is its ability to be configured to best accommodate the user and their preferred mode of operation.  Below are FlexRadio PowerSDR console set ups submitted from Flexers showing their unique and personalized configurations.
  FlexRadio PowerSDR 1.x Videos:

Clicking on the [>] button will play a small version of the video on this web page.  Clicking anywhere else on the image will allow you to see it on You Tube.  An even higher resolution version may be available for download - see the video description below for details. 

FlexRadio PowerSDR 1.x Video of Lunar Echo Experiment
This is a short video of the FlexRadio PowerSDR 1.x console and the FLEX-5000A receiving the HAARP terrestrial and moonbounce signals on 6.7925 MHz, on 19-JAN-2008 at about 0510 UTC. The signals are displayed simultaneously on both the Panadapter and Waterfall displays. From Ed Kennedy, K3NS, HAARP Navy Program Manager: "The format for the transmissions will follow a five second cycle beginning on the hour and repeating continuously. The HAARP transmitter will transmit for the first two seconds. The next three seconds will be quiet to listen for the lunar echo."  In the video, you will hear and see a strong signal followed by a weaker sounding signal.  The weaker signal is the lunar echo bouncing off the moon.

For a very high quality download, click on this link http://support.flex-radio.com/Downloads.aspx?id=204

WØVB - 2 Meter Weak Signal Station using a SDR-1000 and FlexRadio PowerSDR 1.x
Terry, WØVB, describes his rural station for working EME, aurora and meteor weak signals on 2 meters using a Software Defined Radio (SDR) FlexRadio Systems SDR-1000 with FlexRadio PowerSDR. The video contains an aurora contact with VE3AK and also a tour of Terry's six Yagi array.

FlexRadio PowerSDR 1.x Pictures:


The FlexRadio PowerSDR 1.x console above is version 1.10.2 running on Vista with 3 different CPU indicators overlaid on the console.

Bruce, KL7JDR


This is an image of an OLIVIA digital mode QSO with Tim (W4TME) on the FLEX-5000.  In this picture I am transmitting 32 tones in a 1 KHz wide signal. This is the first FLEX-5000 to FLEX-5000 digital mode QSO.

Ken, N9VV


Using the FlexRadio PowerSDR waterfall display is a great way to locate signals.  In the console above, the signal is a BPSK31 QSO from WQ1C using a FLEX-5000.

Tim, W4TME


This is a picture of the console transmitting PSK31 using a 200 Hz transmit filter to eliminate sideband  interference.

Tim, W4TME
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