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The Illustrious Flexi™ Awards and Honored Recipients

So, just exactly what is a "Flexi™"?

The Flexi™ is to the software-defined amateur radio world what the Oscars and Emmys are to the film and television communities – the highest form of recognition that an individual has made a very special contribution to the field. 2005 will mark the first annual Flexi™ Awards for achievement in the field of software defined amateur radio. Just like the SDR itself, the future of the Flexi Awards will be guided by the user community, and starting modestly in this first year, the Flexis will grow as the user and contributor base and range grows.

In May of each year, users and prospective users of FlexRadio SDRs will assemble at the Dayton Hamvention to share their pioneering experiences in this new realm of amateur radio and to help form the future path which SDR technology and products will take. Already many users not financially supported by FlexRadio Systems have made significant technical contributions that are enhancing the SDR experience for themselves and their fellow SDR users. What better time than this first gathering of SDR enthusiasts to recognize their achievement?

Nominations for the Annual Flexi Awards will be accepted in three categories:
  • Significant Achievement in Software for the Software Defined Radio
  • Significant Achievement in Hardware for the Software Defined Radio
  • Special Achievement or Contribution in the Field of Software Defined Radio Technology

The announcement of each year’s Flexi Award recipients will be made at the FlexRadio Systems' Banquet during the Dayton Hamvention.


A panel of no fewer than four judges consisting of past winners and others will be selected by FlexRadio Systems to review Flexi™ nominations and determine the winners. No more than one employee of FlexRadio may serve on the panel. In case of a tie vote, the FlexRadio representative on the panel is empowered to break the tie. The decisions of the panel shall be final.

Eligibility for Award

Any person not employed or directly compensated by FlexRadio Systems may be nominated for a Flexi™ award. Owning a FlexRadio Systems software defined radio is not a requirement, but is strongly encouraged (wink wink).

Past Flexi™ Award Winners


Stu Phillips,K6TU - Outstanding Technical Innovation
Gary Plano, W2CEA - Co-Official Goodwill Ambassador 2011
Don Baughman, K7MX - Co-Official Goodwill Ambassador 2011


Brian Lloyd,WB6RQN/J79BPL - Co-Official Goodwill Ambassador 2010
Stewart Haag, W4MO - Co-Official Goodwill Ambassador 2010


Ed Russell, W2RF - Significant Achievement in Software Development
Lee Crocker, W9OY - Special Contribution in the Field of Software Defined Radio Technology
Bill Heinzinger, W9OL - Official Goodwill Ambassador 2009


Ray Andrews, K9DUR - Outstanding Technical & Software Achievement
Neal Campbell, K3NC - Outstanding Technical & Software Achievement
Steve Nance, K5FR - Outstanding Technical & Software Achievement


Jeff Anderson, K6JCA - Outstanding Technical & Software Achievement
Joe de Groot, AB1DO - Outstanding Achievement for Product Documentation
Tim Ellison, W4TME - Official Goodwill Ambassador 2007


Phil Harmon, VK6APH - Outstanding Technical & Software Achievement
Bill Tracey, KD5TFD - Outstanding Technical & Software Achievement
Bob Tracy, K5KDN - Outstanding Technical & Software Achievement
Tony Parks, KB9YIG - Outstanding Hardware Development Achievement
Dale Boresz, WA8SRA - Official Goodwill Ambassador 2006


Frank Bickle, AA2KT - Outstanding Technical & Software Achievement
Bob McGwier, N4HY - Outstanding Technical & Software Achievement
Eric Ellison, AA4SW - Official Goodwill Ambassador 2005
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